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ILENOMIA-LEGAL is the “uberization” of legal services. Via a revolutionary global business platform, we offer cost-effective on-demand in-house legal services and ancillary services on an external basis through experienced independent legal professionals.


ILENOMIA-LEGAL vs. in-house general counsel or a traditional law firm?

The short answer can be summed up in three words:



Our legal professionals have 10+ years of experience “in-house” at multinationals and reputable international law firms.  In addition to global and/or regional responsibility and multi-jurisdictional transactional experience, what sets us apart from our peers are the following:

International legal experience acquired “on the ground in the key economic markets (US, Europe and Asia) which gives us an in-depth knowledge of the legal systems and business culture of those markets. This in turn allows us to better assess legal and related business risks and provide tailored solutions based on market/jurisdictional differences; for clients that are looking to expand into any of these key markets, we can help them obtain a competitive edge in reaching their business objectives, whether through our general counsel services or through ancillary board advisory services

International business experience (business management, strategy, project management, sales, marketing and purchasing) covering all continents, which allows us to take a pragmatic and results-focused approach in providing legal advice; our international business experience also allows us to offer clients ancillary business consulting services

Multilingual capabilities which provide an edge in negotiating key contracts and settling disputes, as well as building relationships with all business units of multinationals at every level of an organization across diverse cultures and business environments;  ancillary legal translation services

Our services will be tailored to your needs. They can be project-based, interim, part-time or full-time. Moreover, they can be global, regional or local-based (for certain jurisdictions). We can provide our services either from our respective locations or on site from your locations — your choice.

Since our lawyers do not have the overhead of law firms and operate on an independent consultant basis, we can offer our services at a fraction of the rates of a similarly experienced partner in a law firm and without in-house costs related to recruitment, permanent hire headcount, executive compensation, severance, social charges and other employee benefits for a similarly senior in-house general counsel executive.

For more information on how ILENOMIA-LEGAL can address your legal needs cost-effectively, while providing you total flexibility, please contact us at

*The etymology of the name of the company stems from “EUNOMIA”= the Greek Goddess of law and order. You can guess the rest…