Leading and managing cross-border M&A, divestitures, joint ventures and other strategic alliances (from kickoff to closing to post-closing transitional services)

IPOs & Other Public Offerings

Leading and managing an IPO or other debt and/or equity offerings on US, Hong Kong or European stock exchanges (from kickoff to listing)

Corporate Governance

Implementing and managing effective, industry benchmarked, corporate governance and internal control policies


Designing and implementing an industry benchmarked global compliance program (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)/anti-bribery, anti-trust/competition, export controls, whistleblowing, corporate conduct, etc.)

Corporate Policies & Procedures

Developing corporate processes and procedures and holding training sessions for handling recurrent legal issues (supply chain management, deviations from company’s standard terms and conditions, handling warranty/product liability/recall claims, supplier indemnification, stop shipment threats, price increase demands, company law related tasks such as board and shareholder resolutions, intercompany transfer pricing agreements, etc.)

Financing Projects

Managing global, regional or local debt and equity financing projects

Business Transformations/Restructuring

Driving change and restructuring efforts in view of transforming a multi-divisional business into a stand-alone business post spin-off from parent in view of an IPO or other strategic transaction

International Expansions

Transcontinental or intra-continental


Assisting senior management with reviewing, negotiating and drafting of key contracts (customer, supplier, distributor, subcontractor, purchase and sale, rental and lease, technology, licenses, maintenance, professional services, cooperation, financing, outsourcing, employment, severance, etc.) under multiple laws (see jurisdictional experience)

Footprint Migration

Leading and managing footprint migration (moving from a high-cost to low-cost countries), including restructuring, plant closures and opening of new facilities (e.g., Western Europe to Eastern Europe; US to Mexico; Western Europe/US to China)

Corporate Transactions

Company formation to dissolution

Corporate Law/Private Company Law

Advising on a wide array of issues relating to private companies

Securities Law/Stock Corporation Law

Advising on a wide array of issues relating to public companies

Disclosure Requirements/Sarbanes Oxley Act

Advising on disclosure requirements for prospectus and public company filings.

Product Liability/Warranty/Recall Claims

Defending customer claims and where applicable, seeking indemnification from supplier(s)

Complex Commercial Transactions

Handling complex multi-jurisdictional commercial transactions, involving multiple stakeholders (e.g., customers, suppliers, JV partners, shareholders, etc.)

Litigation Management

Managing and tracking litigation, arbitration, disputes and claims globally and proactively enforcing company’s rights

Dispute Resolution

Warranty/recall/product liability claims, supplier indemnification, price increase demands, stop shipment threats etc

Antitrust / Competition Issues

Implementing antitrust / competition compliance policy and training; managing government investigations/dawn-raids and preparing defense in connection with allegations of antitrust/competition law infringements

Real Estate Transactions

Greenfield and brownfield projects, commercial leases, sale-leaseback transactions, purchase and sale of land.

Employment & Labor

Employment issues: Headcount reduction, offer letters, employee contracts, collective dismissals, individual separations, severance, employee handbook, etc.

Labor issues: Negotiating with and managing relations with labor unions and works councils

Intellectual Property

Portfolio Management: Management of IP strategy in view of protecting and monetizing IP assets (e.g., pursuit of infringements and licensing agreements, etc.)

IP Litigation: Management of complex IP litigation and disputes, including International Trade Court (ITC) litigation

General Legal and Business Advice

Advising senior management regarding the resolution of a broad range of general business issues, including policy formulation, allocation of resources and achievement of the company’s overarching strategies

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Handling issues relating to US (Chapter 11) and European bankruptcy procedures

Investor Relations

Supporting investor relations activities in connection with an IPO, other public offerings and/or private placements

Information Management

 Structuring very large volumes of information 



Practical experience with multiple legal systems:
  • North America: (US, Canada and Mexico)
  • Western Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal)
  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia)
  • Asia (Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay)
  • Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa)
  • Middle East (Israel, Dubai, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia)


IT and Software
Luxury goods/fashion/jewelry
On-line sales
Heavy industry
Precious metals
Eye wear
Eye care
Health care
Industrial gas
Public utilities
Food delivery