Managing a Legal Department

Managing Legal Affairs

Managing all legal affairs of a company, globally, regionally or in a specific jurisdiction, so as to minimize exposure of the company and its directors and officers

Managing In-House Team

Creating and managing a legal department from scratch, managing an existing legal team, or serving as the sole General Counsel with assistance of specialized law firms, when and as needed

Managing External Counsel

Selecting and retaining of external counsel (or advising senior management on their selection and retention) and establishing internal procedures for seeking advice of outside counsel; developing and supervising a cost-effective global network of outside counsel to reduce law-firm costs, ensure quality control and minimize time spent by senior management on legal issues

Corporate Processes and Procedures

Developing corporate processes and procedures and holding training sessions for handling recurrent legal issues (supply chain management, deviations from company’s standard terms and conditions, handling warranty/product liability/recall claims, supplier indemnification, stop shipment threats, price increase demands, company law related tasks such as board and shareholder resolutions, intercompany transfer pricing agreements, etc.)

Legal Reporting

Regularly updating board of directors, CEO and senior management on status of legal affairs, ongoing follow-up of industry trends and legal and regulatory changes on global basis


Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate Governance

Implementing and managing effective, industry benchmarked, corporate governance and internal control policies


Designing and implementing an industry benchmarked global compliance program (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)/anti-bribery, anti-trust/competition, export controls, whistleblowing, corporate conduct, etc.)


Strategic Legal

Legal Strategy

Defining and implementing the company’s legal strategy to align with corporate vision and business objectives — either as a member of an internal strategy council or on an ad-hoc basis

Business Transformations / Restructuring

Driving change and restructuring efforts in view of transforming a multi-divisional business into a stand-alone business post spin-off from parent in view of an IPO or other strategic transaction

IPO or Other Public Offerings

Leading an IPO or other securities offering project (kickoff to listing)


Leading and managing M&A deals, divestitures, joint ventures and other strategic alliances (kickoff to closing to post-closing transition implementation)

Internal Business Partnerships

Partnering with business leaders to drive new opportunities, maintain viability of current business and develop legal strategies to minimize commercial and legal risks


Legal Consulting

Legal Risk Assessment

Providing counsel on the business and legal ramifications of company initiatives and offering advice on how to mitigate risks

General Legal and Business Advice

Advising senior management regarding the resolution of a broad range of general business issues, including policy formulation, allocation of resources and achievement of the company’s overarching strategies


Contract Management


Assisting senior management with reviewing, negotiating and drafting of key contracts (customer, supplier, distributor, subcontractor, purchase and sale, rental and lease, technology, licenses, maintenance, professional services, cooperation, financing, outsourcing, employment, severance, etc.) under multiple laws (see jurisdictional experience)

Standard Form Agreements

Developing a legal database of standard form agreements and general terms and conditions of sale and/or purchase, based on industry benchmarking and business, legal and technical requirements identified with relevant business units, and keeping them regularly updated


Disputes & Claims

Dispute Resolution

Warranty/recall/product liability claims, supplier indemnification, price increase demands, stop shipment threats etc.

Litigation Management

Managing and tracking litigation, arbitration, disputes and claims globally and proactively enforcing company’s rights


Employment & Labor

Employment Issues

Headcount reduction, offer letters, employee contracts, collective dismissals, individual separations, severance, employee handbook, etc.

Labor issues

Negotiating with and managing relations with labor unions and works councils


Intellectual Property

Portfolio Management

Management of IP strategy in view of protecting and monetizing IP assets (e.g., pursuit of infringements and licensing agreements, etc.)

IP Litigation

Management of complex IP litigation and disputes, including International Trade Court (ITC) litigation


All further activities listed under Project-Based Services, Part-time/Temporary Services and Interim Services