IPO and Other Public Offerings

Leading and managing an IPO or other debt and/or equity offerings on US, Hong Kong or European stock exchanges (from kickoff to listing)


Leading and managing cross-border M&A, divestitures, joint ventures and other strategic alliances (from kickoff to closing to post-closing transitional services)

Corporate Governance

Implementing and managing effective, industry benchmarked, corporate governance and internal control policies


Designing and implementing an industry benchmarked global compliance program (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)/anti-bribery, anti-trust/competition, export controls, whistleblowing, corporate conduct, etc.)

Corporate Policy

Designing and implementing a corporate policy program

Standard Agreements

Updating standard agreements and general terms and conditions of sale and/or purchase based on industry benchmarking, and business, legal and technical requirements identified with relevant business units

Competitive Analysis

Conducting a contract competitive analysis based on industry benchmarking

Financing Projects

Managing global, regional or local debt and equity financing projects

Footprint Migration

Leading and managing footprint migration (moving from a high-cost to low-cost countries), including restructuring, plant closures and opening of new facilities (e.g., Western Europe to Eastern Europe; US to Mexico; Western Europe/US to China)

Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

Leading and managing greenfield and brownfield projects in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia (from kickoff to plant opening)

Antitrust / Competition Issues

Implementing antitrust / competition compliance policy and training; managing government investigations / dawn-raids and preparing defense in connection with allegations of antitrust/competition law infringements

More generally, any other activity under General Counsel Services or Part-Time/Temporary Services can be offered on a Project basis.